Oilers Ice Center Mobile App

We have created a smart phone application, Oilers Ice Center, that we want to share with you.  It contains a lot of useful information and will work with many different smartphones.

Open the links below from your smartphone and click on the link that is appropriate for your device.  The app should then install automatically. If your smartphone isn’t listed but you have Internet access on your phone, click on the “Mobile Browser URL” link to view the content in
your phone’s browser.

The app is currently in a “beta testing” stage. We hope to have it up on the android market and apple app store soon. In the mean time please enjoy the use of the app.





Download here: http://www.buildanapp.com/auto?app=81c793aa-020f-469d-ae0b-9506652037e4

Or, select a version that matches your phone:

Google Android: http://www.buildanapp.com/dld/bPa6Y_yUoJo/OilersIceCenter.apk

*Iphone or Blackberry - Open on mobile browser and then save or add to home screen or desktop